Wall of Cheap Art, That Doesn't Look Cheap AT ALL!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I mentioned before that I love other peoples blogs and get tons of inspiration from a lot of design blogs. One of the blogs I love is called Young House Love.  They posted on awesome blog on a really unique and cool art frame project they did for their hallway.  Click here to go directly to that blog post.  I knew I needed this in my life.  It was cheap and easy and looked fabulous!!  So I ordered the calendar from here.  Unfortunately, it's now sold out.  Sorry, folks!  We took a lovely family outing to Ikea, which was supposed to take 15 minutes and of course took over an hour.

We came home with 9 of these bad boys, coming at just $9.99 a pop.  You can't beat that price.  It's the Ribba frame, if you can't see it through that glare.   

Then I cut the pictures down, so I could easily know where I wanted them placed inside the frame.

 I quickly popped them into the frames and put them on display so I could admire them.

Bangkok was Cooper's favorite (and mine too).

Then we got down to work on the wall, we wanted to make sure they were hung perfectly.  I used Young House Love's idea of the laser level across the wall to make sure things were even, but then I also used another genius idea from the gal over at Read Make Do.  She lined up the paper inserts from the frame, to use as a guide for spacing and where to put the nails. GENIUS!  To check out how these pretty prints look in her kitchen, click here.

Then Mark went through and put a screw in the top corners of each "paper frame".  It was quick, easy and the finished product is really lovely.  

TA DA!!!!!
Sorry for the glare!  I'm still trying to master using my camera.

Anyway, I loved this project because it only cost $103.  It was very easy to do and made a boring wall, a very fun wall, that will hopefully spur conversations about traveling to all these wonderful places.  I also loved how this got me thinking outside the box when it comes to things you can frame.  I wouldn't have thought about framing a calendar!  I see more calendar hanging in my future.

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