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Friday, April 19, 2013

Moving on to a WAY LIGHTER note.

I have been thinking long and hard on my entry way.  I knew something wasn't working, but I didn't know exactly what it was. 

I have this amazing friend named Jen, who should have a blog, so I could link to it right this very moment, and you would understand what makes her so amazing and awesome.  She is really cool but never in a way where she is trying to be cool.  It's just totally natural to her, she wears the coolest clothes, always has the BEST winter coats and she just glows with confidence.  She also is always about 20 steps ahead of me when it comes to what's going to be the next great band.  If I haven't complimented her enough, she is also an amazing designer.  Her house looks like an effortless blend of vintage and modern.  Like, "oh I just went to the flea market this weekend and happened to find this $5 amazing vintage, "insert something way cooler and way more vintage than anything you have in your house here".  Yeah she just exudes cool and knows what is cool WAY before anyone else does.  She will always be cooler than me, I'm not afraid to admit it and I fully appreciate her willingness to give me advice, in the most un-judgmental way EVER, yes she is perfect. 

So here goes.  We decided to paint to our entry way a dark grey color.  I really wish I had a picture of what it looked like before we painted it, because it currently looks like Angelina Jolie compared to the really gross color it was before.  I decided I needed an expert opinion on what I needed to do with this huge and dark space.  So I emailed the pictures below to Jen.  I needed help, and I needed it bad. 


It's a sad and lonely looking space, isn't it.  I don't think that is a good representation of this fun and dynamic family.  We look bored, depressed and out of place.  So, Jen had a lot of good advice, a bigger  console table, a mirror, a rug.  She sent me this drool worthy bench, that I'm IN LOVE with, but our budget isn't in love with it the same way I am.  So it will wait for another day, when our budget sees eye to eye with me.  Anyway, everything she suggested sounded great, but it would cost money, money that we can't spend right now.  So I got to thinking.....what do we have in this house that is under-utilized?  

Maybe a great piece of art that is hiding out in our bedroom?

(oh...Hi great piece of art that only the hubs and I get to truly appreciate)

Maybe a really fabulous console table that looks like a hot mess in our basement

 YES!!!  Those two items made A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!


Almost After
(what a huge difference already!)

I knew I needed to add a few more touches and I still don't think this is perfect, but we definitely love our entry way much much more than we did before. 

(I did get rid of the awkward red candle)

 We would like to paint the two pots on either side of the table, but we don't have the guts to try it, yet....
 Frames that are in need of pictures....but don't the hubs and I look super presh in that pic on the left
Cooper's orchid,  not only is it beautiful but you only need to water it once a week with three ice cubes, hello my kind of flower!

I love it and I only spent $65 on this update, all because I looked around my house and found things that would be better utilized and much more appreciated in a more high traffic space.  I got the beautiful orchid from King Soopers (I spray painted the pot from the pink it was, to the fabulous yellow it is now) and I got the gorgeous and very rich looking lamp and lamp shade, from Target.  

You can update after one day, right?  Or is that against some blog rule?  Well I don't live by the rules!  I'm living on the edge over here and let me tell you, we got CRAZY today.  Mark went to Home Depot this morning and decided to inquire about painting terra cotta pots!  The expert Home Depot paint lady, said we should spray paint them.  So we did and let me tell you!  We are going to go crazy spray painting ALL our terra cotta pots!  They look so great and I feel like it really completes the entry way wall.  So without further adieu, please look at the new picture.  I promise not to update this again, until we get a perfect rug for this wonderful entry way, which I think will be the last step in this makeover. 

And one more time, just in case you forgot (since it is so long ago, at the beginning of this blog)

The Before

The After!

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